What is PlotHog?

PlotHog® is the most versatile food plot equipment system in the world. The Switchback® model is designed with a variety of tillage heads that attach to a common frame, allowing land managers and hunters to configure the PlotHog® system to transform any property into a trophy property. No need to invest in multiple different pieces of equipment from a variety of manufacturers, PlotHog’s® line of food plot attachments has all of tools needed for successful food plots.


All PlotHog® products are designed and manufactured in the USA. All PlotHog® products are designed to be pulled with most ATVs and UTVs larger than 350cc and are designed to get to those hard to reach places where soil and terrain conditions are less than ideal. With the full line of PlotHog® attachments on the Switchback® frame, hunters can rip, rake, disc, drag and plant any area large or small.

Expos - 2018/2019

Wisconsin State Hunting Expo
  • Shopko Hall - Green Bay, WI
  • February 23-25, 2018
  • Booth #67 & #68
Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo
  • Alliant Energy Center - Madison, WI
  • April 6-8, 2018
  • Booth #835
horizon innovations

I have looked at foodplot equipment for some time and this is the some of the most well-built equipment I have seen.

horizon innovations

I have been looking to buy foodplot equipment and have read plenty of articles on what type to buy. I couldn’t decide whether I should get a drag or a disc but with the PlotHog® equipment, I don’t have to decide, I can get both of them and they work on the same frame.